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All four flavors of Heti THC beverages River Path, Marshland Harvest, Meadow Cat Nap, and Woodland Edge


Transports you to a place in nature.

See Heti's background story and get to know the founder. ↓

founder bio

Dana Thompson

Co-creator of the James Beard Award-winning Owamni Restaurant. Dana Thompson has devoted the last decade of her life to advocating for food sovereignty. This research has revealed remarkable connections between culture, healthy eating, mental health, and sustainability. She has been featured in the New York Times, Vogue, the MN Women’s Press, Sweet July Magazine and on PBS NewsHour.

Native Origins

A direct descendant of the Wahpeton-Sisseton and Mdewakanton Dakota tribes and lifetime Minnesota native, Dana has worked for over a decade within the food sovereignty movement. She has traveled extensively throughout tribal communities, engaging in critical ways to improve food access and implementing strategies to do the most possible good as a social entrepreneur.

Created Brands

Throughout the last decade as co-owner and Chief Operating Officer of The Sioux Chef, Dana was honored to have managed all business development strategies for the company including a thriving catering arm, global guest chef and community events as well as the beloved Tatanka Truck. In July 2021, Dana co-founded the Owamni restaurant, Minnesota’s first full-service Indigenous restaurant. In 2022, and at a time when Dana was part-owner, the restaurant Owamni won the James Beard Award for Best New Restaurant. In late 2023, the nonprofit NATIFS acquired Owamni to be run as a not-for-profit and Thompson left to pursue her newest projects.

Giving Back

In 2018, Dana co-founded the nonprofit NĀTIFS (North American Traditional Indigenous Food Systems) and the Indigenous Food Lab, where she served as Executive Director for five years, eventually transitioning to Senior Director of Health and Wellness Initiatives. Here she focused her expertise on addressing and treating ancestral trauma through decolonized perspectives of honoring and leveraging Indigenous wisdom to foster mental health. She has since moved onto developing other projects including Heti and the food sovereignty company The Modern Indigenous.

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In August of 2023

Dana Thompson was elated when cannabis was not only decriminalized, but made legal in the State of MN where she lives. The 2018 Farm bill making hemp derived cannabis legal federally was a game changer for people seeking health and happiness through plant medicine. Playing with flavors has been a big part of Dana’s life from the beginning, from licking rocks as a toddler in Sandstone, to foraging blueberries in Longville, MN, growing a garden in the short but vibrant Hibbing, MN growing season, or tasting her first highbush cranberry in Duluth. Even before legalization, the seed for this project had started growing. She credits nature for her own healing. Accessing the power of the outdoors has provided a path to recovery from complex childhood trauma. And out of this love for the plant relatives around us, Heti was born.

Heti means home, and these beverages are lovingly designed to taste like the flavors of home. 

Plants that speak

Searching for a beverage whose complexion reflected the allure of nature, and moving away from the pervasive taste of drowning in sugar, Dana created a drink that embodied the flavors of the plants she loved. As other beverages hit the market, Heti emerged with all of the magical taste of the countryside and none of the soda pop let down.

Moderately lights you up

For a refined palate, Heti takes the edge off and moderately lights you up. A buildable buzz and hangover free!

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Social Impact

A percentage of revenues is going to drive wealth, security and health into tribal communities. Follow us here and on social media to watch us affect positive change in the world!


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