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Heti means "Home" in the Dakota language.

Low dose THC drinks created to give you a sense of place by celebrating the plants around us.

Let the Earth move you.


(pronounced heh-tee)

Heti is a social impact brand designed to drive health and wealth into Indigenous communities. A percentage of revenues will be used for this purpose.

Low dose

3 mg THC & 5 mg CBD

Logo with female symbol hovering over two hands

Woman Owned

Proudly developed to create a sense of community, for a purpose, Heti is for wellness.


Centered around health and the flavors of the land.

Our customers love us

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"Owamni co-creator, Dana Thompson is developing a social impact brand, Heti, that will build awareness of the health of ancestral foods and develop security in tribal communities, with a focus on women. Launching in early 2024, Heti will begin by releasing a line of THC and CBD- infused herbal drinks inspired by Indigenous plant medicine."

"Sit back, relax, and take a sip: Owamni co-founder Dana Thompson's latest entrepreneurial endeavor, Heti, launches early this year and will offer THC- and CBD-infused herbal drinks inspired by Indigenous plant medicine."


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